Homeopathy is a Scam

Homeopathy is a reckless scam. However, not necessarily all it’s practitioners are knowingly scamming people. They themselves are victims of this age-old scam due to the ignorance and/or ingrained irrationalism. Homeopathy is terribly dangerous and unethical ‘treatment’ method as it causes people to delay seeking effective treatment.

Homeopathic ‘medicine’ has no medicinal ingredients

I’m sure we all have seen pictures like the above on the internet and in other advertisements for Homeopathy. These pictures are meant for deceiving you to believe Homeopathy contains natural ingredients.

In reality, Homeopathic ‘medicines’ contain ONLY these ingredients:

  • In pills – Sugar and alcohol
  • In liquid preparation – Water and fragrance
  • In ointments – Soft Paraffin and fragrance

There are no other ingredients at all whatsoever present in the Homeopathic ‘medicines’.

The above claims can be verified with some efforts in 3 easy steps:

  • Take a bottle of Homeopathy pills.
  • Get its labels removed.
  • Now use the best available resources/technology/science of the entire world to establish what is the ‘medicine’ or the content other than sugar and alcohol

The outcome of the above will invariably be the same. You, unfortunately, will miserably fail every time to find any medicinal ingredients of the ‘medicine’.

How Homeopathic ‘medicine’ are prepared


Homeopathic ‘medicines’ are a form of Alternative Medicine, so are the religion-based faith healing, and prayers. Please don’t be confused with the word ‘Medicine’ in the word ‘Alternative medicine’. It has been deliberately added to sound like it’s legit.

Homeopathy is not a real medicine as it lacks biological plausibility and is either untested, untestable or proven ineffective.

Homeopathy does not cure any diseases. The diseases and conditions that homeopathy claims to cure will get better on its own without any medications.

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Your writing style is engaging, and the information is presented clearly. Thanks for this informative piece!

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