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India unfortunately is scammers and quacks haven. Out of 2 in 3 doctors who practices ‘Allopathy’ in India are quacks. That’s a whopping 67%! There is even a larger number of unqualified people who pose as ‘doctors’ of traditional or natural treatments. These fake-doctors use bogus qualifications (usually claiming to have PhDs) to gain the trust of the gullible, underprivileged and needy patients.

We are hugely thankful to our volunteers who make great efforts to expose these frauds, particularly those quacks who have potential to have adverse impacts on the wider society because of sophisticated mechanisms they adopt to swindle the general public. We follow appropriate rigour to verify the findings of our volunteer-fact-checkers before these are published on our website. However, if you believe there have been errors in our judgments please email us with appropriate proofs against your claims. We are unable to entertain general objections based on beliefs, anecdotal or circumstantial evidence.

Please get in touch, if you think you can help to uncover pseudoscientific related scams and frauds in India.

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